Shopping Experience

Shopping experience is about putting yourself in your customers’ shoes. 
It is so much more than customer service; it encompasses every point of interaction your customers and potential customers have with you.
Shopping experience is how customers are treated, the convenience of their shopping, and the mood they experience while shopping. It involves both practical and emotional aspects.
I provide a fresh pair of eyes – getting the small things right will increase sales and customer loyalty.  I will walk alongside you as a customer to experience what they do. 
Executed correctly, your customer count, customer loyalty and sales will increase!


 I will look at all aspects that make up great shopping experience.

  • External appearance and welcome point for customers
  • Signage, physical appearance
  • Store layout
  • Directional and product grouping signage
  • Traffic flow
  • Store ambience
  • Temperature, lighting, mood
  • Merchandising
  • Ticketing, displays, associated sales, ease of traffic, ease of purchase
  • Point of sale
  • Average spends and ways of increasing sales

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